Rapid, simple installation and without works.


We have a wide range of fixings to adapt the product to any type of construction, without neglecting the aesthetics.


The manufacture in situ avoids hurts during the transport and many mistakes of size, in addition, save themselves the costs of packing and transport.


Canalones Marina Alta means good products, fewer problems and lower costs.



Technical characteristics


  • The completions are assembled to the gutter of a way before the installation to the eaves.

  • At the back of the gutter there are inserted the foundation, which in turn are introduced inside the downspout.

  • For the corners, both exteriors and interiors, we possess the mitres: they are a few accessories that reinforce the union between both sections of gutter and we seal internally with products of high quality.

  • The union of sections of downspout is realized of rapid and simple form. The top part is inserted always inside the low one and they are screwed in the ends to eliminate the water losses.