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The water recovery of rain is a technology already used by our forbears to store water of great quality without scarcely effort.


If we analyze the current consumption of water in a home, we meet the paradox of which we are buying an expensive resource that falls us free of the sky.


Why do not we save and recover this water?

Benefits of recovering the water of rain 


Up to 50 % of the water that we use in our houses it can be replaced with water of rain. We can use it in all those uses that do not need drinkable water, as for example the WC, the washer, cleanliness in general or for the irrigation. In addition, the water of the rain is of an excellent quality; we water our plants without chlorine or chemical products and support the washer without problems of lime.


Equipment of water recovery of the rain 


The water retires in the roof or terrace, is canalized by the downspouts, filters and behaves to the interior of the buried tank. The control - bomb supplies water of rain us in all the points where we want to use it: WC, washer, garden, garage, … In case of the water of the tank becoming exhausted, the control will connect automatically to the water of the network.


Water tanks for the garden 


Canalones Marina Alta offers you a simple solution to have pure water in your garden. We adapt a small filter to the water downspout of the roof, connect it to a warehouse of garden and simply pure water will be stored for the irrigation. The warehouses of garden can have different forms; from amphorae with Mediterranean environment up to elegant columns that they will help you to save and to give an own style to your garden or terrace.


The facilities of our water tanks are realized by Joaquín Grimalt Cabrera, an authorized company in plumbing with more than 22 years of experience in the sector.


In addition the company offers you other services added as central heating, solar equipments, air conditioning and maintenance.


More information:

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